Bahnak Torvaldson


General Info

XP: 38
Archetype: Skilled
Race: Trollkin
Fell Caller
Military Officer
Faith: Dhunia
Languages Spoken: Ordic, Malgur-Trul

Stats and Skills

Attribute Rating Skill Rating Stat + Skill
Physique: 7 Hand Weapon 1 6
Speed: 5 Great Weapon 2 7
Strength: 6 Pistol 0 3
Agility: 5 Rifle 0 3
Prowess: 5 Detection 2 5
Poise: 3 Sneak 0 5
Intellect: 4 Command 2 S
Arcane: - Fell Calling 2 5
Perception: 3 Lore (Trollkin) 1 5
Willpower: 11 Oratory 2 S
Medicine 2 6
Navigation 1 4
Etiquette 1 S
Cryptography 1 5
Tracking 1 4
Survival 1 4

DEF: 12
ARM: 14
Initiative: 13
Command Range: 8

Benefits and Abilities

Name Description/notes Page Reference
Virtouso: Great Weapon Roll +1 die, discard lowest for hit and damage. 117
Cagey On KD move 2". While KD, no autohit, no DEF penalty. Free standup 117
Feat:Tough On Disabled, roll 1d6. 5+ = +1VP and KD. 116
Feat: Revitalize Spend 1FP to gain PHY VP. 116
Natural Leader +2" Command Range 165
Team Leader When earned a FP can be given to ally within command range. 168
Fell Call: Signal Call Short message audible for Fell Calling (2) miles. 162
Fell Call: Sonic Blast Rng SP 8, POW 12 attack (POI+Fell Call) 162
Fell Call: Cacophony Enemies cannot use spells, battle plans, or drives within command range. 161
Fell Call: Heroic Ballad Friendly trollkin within command range are fearless and +2 to melee attack rolls. 162
Legacy of Bragg Gain extra quick action which can only be used for Fell Calls. 164
Battle Plan: Call To Action 1 FP: Allies within command range that are KD can stand or go prone. 157
Battle Plan: Go to Ground 1 FP: Allies gain cover, take no blast damage, and do not block LOS until they move, are placed, or engaged 157

Ranged Weapons

Name RNG RAT POW Accessories/Notes
Fell Call:Sonic Blast SP 8 5 12 Fell Call
Pistol 8 3 10

Melee Weapons

Name MAT P+S Accessories/Notes
Warhammer 6 11 On crit, target makes WP roll vs STR + 12 or KO.
Greatsword 7 12 Reach
Dagger 7 7
Marwin’s Sword 6 9 Boost dmg vs Undead

Worn Armor

Name SPD DEF ARM Notes
Tailored Plate 0 -1 +7


Name Notes/Benefits
Ordic Infantry Uniform
Spyglass +2 PER at distance.
Surgical Kit +1 to MED rolls
Pocket Watch

The third son of a chieftain in the Olgunholt, Bahnak was groomed for leadership once his fell calling abilities manifested. Not just interested in trollkin traditions, he studied the military history of the iron kingdoms and attempted to bring those tactics to the kriel. Eventually he convinced his father to allow him to attend the leave the kriel to attend the Ordic military academy to further study new ways of war.

After graduation, Bahnak returned to the Olgunholt as a platoon leader in a marine brigade of the Stone Division. He served briefly on the Cygnar border supporting river patrols along the Gnarls then moved to shipboard service. By the end of his service, he had moved up to be the XO of a shipboard marine company, but promotion had stalled. After his service term was up, he transferred to the reserves and went looking for a mercenary company, hoping that he could find better promotion opportunities.

Since then he has hired on to several infantry groups as a platoon and company level officer, looking for a more interesting deployment. However, most contracts have been for garrisons along the eastern border supporting Thorn Division posts along the Thornwood. A former commander recommended him to the Four Stars and he decided to try something different.

Bahnak Torvaldson

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