Norm Ninkavich

The world's shortest, greenest hitgobber!


The Hobo has been observed in the company of agents of the Four Star Syndicate. The Hobo must either be a human child or a gobber. He (or possibly she) wears layers of smelly, sweaty, sooty rags. The Hobo has been seen to shriek and curse uncontrollably, often threatening innocents with a switchblade or pistol.

(Norm arrived in Five Fingers a few months ago from parts unknown. He never talks about himself and has not revealed any personl information about his origins or history.)

Those who have been unfortunate enough to face The Hobo also note that the strange violent creature wears a mask (like Scorpion) that obscures the lower half of his face. Those who are truly unfortunate (well, they’re likely dead now) have seen The Hobo pull out a pair of handguns and blow away everyone in sight.

(Norm almost always leaves base as The Hobo while on missions, always taking care to protect his true identity. He is almost always robed and masked while in the field. He wears close-fitting custom battle armor under his robes. His robes also conceal a brace of pistols, a dual handcannon (worn like a sawed-off shotgun), a knife or two, grenades, and other tools of the trade.)

(Norm’s Secret Identity is as Mrs. Nora Neebly, a frumpy old gobber washerwoman. Mrs. Neebly is somewhat known around town for being a hard-working gobber, happy to clean and mend. Little do her employers know that she travels with a gun and a knife up her sleeve and her shotgun concealed in her carpetbag.)

He may carry a sack filled with odds and ends (like sandwiches

Norm Ninkavich

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