Luis Huerta

Human Gun Mage/Pirate/Spy


General Info

XP: 38
Archetype: Gifted
Race: Human
Gun Mage
Faith: Himself

Stats and Skills

Attribute Rating Skill Rating Stat + Skill
Physique: 5 Hand Weapon 1 6
Speed: 6 Great Weapon 0 5
Strength: 4 Pistol 2 7
Agility: 5 Rifle 0 5
Prowess: 5 Detection 1 4
Poise: 5 Sneak 0 0
Intellect: 5 Command 1 S
Arcane: 4 Climbing 1 5
Perception: 4 Deception 2 S
Willpower: 10 Disguise 1 6
Gambling 1 4
Intimidation 2 S
Navigation 1 4
Negotiation 1 S
Rope Use 1 5
Sailing 2 7 (Int) or 6 (Str)
Seduction 1 S
Sneak 1 6
Swimming 1 5

DEF: 14
ARM: 12
Initiative: 15
Command Range: 6
Healed x1

Benefits and Abilities

Name Description/notes Page Reference
Additional Study (x2) Gain an additional spell. 115
Battle Scars -1 to social skill rolls vs people frightened/disgusted by the scars. +1 to Intimidation skill rolls vs anyone who can see the scars. 217
Craft Rune Shot Craft rune shot shells for 1 gc/shell. 160
Fast Reload Gain an additional quick action that can only be used to reload a ranged weapon. 161
Gang +1 to melee attack and damage rolls when a friendly character is also in the melee. +2 if the friendly character also has Gang. 163
Specialization: Cutlass No attack roll penalties when using a cutlass. 167
Steady Cannot be knocked down. Ability is lost when mounted. 167

Ranged Weapons

Name RNG RAT POW Accessories/Notes
Magelock Pistol 10 (13) 7 10 Scope.
Repeating Pistol 8 (11) 7 10 Scope. 3 spare wheels.
Slug Gun 4 5(1H)/6(2H) 14
Modified Pistol (x2) ? ? ?

Melee Weapons

Name MAT P+S Accessories/Notes
Cutlass 6 8
Knuckle Dusters 5 5

Worn Armor

Name SPD DEF ARM Notes
Tailored Plate 0 -1 +7


Name Cost Range AOE POW Upkeep Offensive Description Page Reference
Rune Shot: Accuracy 1 Self - - NO NO Shot’s attack roll is boosted. 242
Rune Shot: Black Penny 1 Self - - NO NO Shot ignores the penalty for firing into melee. 242
Rune Shot: Brutal 1 Self - - NO NO Shot’s damage roll is boosted to a target directly hit. 242
Rune Shot: Earth Shaker 3 Self - NO NO On hit shot becomes POW 0, AOE 5. Characters hit by AOE are knocked down. 243
Rune Shot: Phantom Seeker 3 Self - - NO NO Shot ignores LOS, concealment, and cover. 243
Rune Shot: Silencer 1 Self - - NO NO All sound related to the shot, both from firing and from the target, is silenced. 244
Rune Shot: Thunderbolt 1 Self - - NO NO Target directly hit by the shot is pushed D3" directly away. On a crit, target is knocked down after the push. 244
Snipe 2 6 - - YES NO Target character’s ranged weapon gets +4 RNG. 244
True Sight 2 Self - - YES NO Ignore concealment, Camouflage, and stealth. See in complete darkness. 245


Name Notes/Benefits
Ammo Bandolier Draw and reload a round into a firearm as part of the same Quick Action.
Armored Great Coat SPD 0, DEF -1, +5 ARM
The Calypso A ship!
Grenadier’s Bandolier Draw grenades without spending a Quick Action.
x4 Concussion grenades (RNG 8. AOE 3. Targets knocked down.),
x3 Explosive grenades (RNG 8. AOE 3. POW 12.),
x2 Smoke grenades (RNG 8. AOE 3. Creates smoke cloud for 1 round.)
Rune Shot Casting Kit Craft rune shots. Can also produce regular ammunition if desired.
116 Rune Shots
30 regular rounds
6 slug rounds
353 Gold

After the discovery of his Gift, Luis served with the Ordic navy for some time. He left as soon as he was able to, having seen far too many of his compatriots die. Though he understood the risks of military service, what really turned him off was the attitudes of his superiors. The breaking point was when he overheard an officer referring to the rank and file as being “like the popping corn: If you run out, its easy to get more.”

Once on his own, Luis fell in with the crew of a ship called the Sharktooth. They were pirates or privateers depending on who was being asked.

Luis acts like a happy and likeable person up front, but is still somewhat shell shocked from his experiences and is still trying to make sense of them. This often manifests as a seemingly contradictory decision making process: At one point he’ll overly cautious, the next completely reckless.

At his core he has a hatred of authority figures who abuse their power, and his reactions to such tend to be strong.

Luis Huerta

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