Callis Vyre

Iosan Arcane Mechanik/Warcaster


General info

XP: 17 (not counting the bonus for putting the character on the wiki)
Archetype: Gifted
Race: Iosan
Arcane Mechanik
Faith: Iosan pantheon

Stats and Skills

Attribute Rating Skill Rating Stat + Skill
Physique: 5 Hand Weapon 2 7
Speed: 6 Great Weapon 0 5
Strength: 4 Pistol 1 5
Agility: 4 Rifle 0 4
Prowess: 5 Detection 1 4
Poise: 4 Sneak 4 4
Intellect: 5 Command 1 S
Arcane: 4 Craft(gunsmithing) 2 7
Perception: 3 Craft(metalworking) 2 7
Willpower: 10 Craft(glassmaking) 2 7
Mechanikal Engineering 2 7
Medicine 1 6

DEF: 12
ARM: 12+focus
Initiative: 14
Command Range: 6

Benefits and Abilities

Name Description/notes
Combat Caster Roll and extra die and drop the lowest on all magic attack rolls
Bond (x3) Bond to mechanika/steamjacks
Inscribe Formulae Create runeplates
Arcane Engineering Reroll failed Mechanikal Engineering skill checks
Feat: Quick Cast Spend a feat point to cast an upkeep spell before the first round of combat. This spell does not cost Focus to cast.


Name Cost Range AOE POW Upkeep Offensive Description
Arcantrik Bolt 2 10 - 12 NO YES A steamjack damaged by this attack is stationary for one round
Boundless Charge 2 6 - - NO NO Target character can charge without spending focus or being forced, and gains +2" movement and Pathfinder when charging. Lasts 1 round.
Convection 2 10 - 12 NO YES When Convection destroys a living character, you may allocate 1 focus point to a steamjack in the caster’s battlegroup in his control area
Polarity Shield 2 6 - - YES NO Target character cannot be targeted by a charge made by a character in his front arc.


Callis Vyre

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